Ireland's Hidden Heartlands

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands are right here, in this lush green landscape.

Over 5,000 years of history lie buried within the verdant meadows, bustling towns and rugged stone monuments of this region. Each landmark has its stories to tell, as indeed do the locals, who delight in telling tales that are rich in famous battles and magic rituals. 

Here at Cavan Burren Park Folklore tells that two young giants, Lugh and Lag, challenged each other to jump a gorge in order to show off to the female giant whose love they both sought. Unfortunately, Lag fell to his death. But that’s how the Giant’s Leap chasm got its name. You can learn about lots more of these stories throughout the park or from one of our local guides. 

Whatever folklore says, facts can be even more fascinating at Cavan Burren Park on the slopes of the Cuilcagh Mountain. It’s along one of those surprising roads less travelled – and an experience to really make your day. Layers of history peel back to reveal a breathtaking wealth of natural and manmade features, all fused together into an exceptional prehistoric landscape.

A story tells a thousand tales…. Ireland's Hidden Heartlands for more information on itineraries and sites. 

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